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LCB Software Center

The New LCB Software Center

LCB IT has developed a new way to deploy software to the LCB Faculty and Staff. Microsoft SCCM Software Center will allow you to install software on your computer when you need it. This new process will help steamlime our support channels and better server our customers. Instructions on how to use the software center are here:

How To Access The Software Center

Software center is only available to computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Windows 7:

Click ‘Start’ → ‘All Programs’ → ‘Microsoft System Center 2012’ → ‘Configuration Manager’ → Select ‘Software Center’



Windows 8:

From the Windows 8 start screen, click the tile called 'Software Center'.


Using The LCB Software Center

To install software, click the box next to the software of your choice and then click the 'INSTALL' button in the bottom right hand corner of the  application. To monitor the progress of the install, click the 'Installation Status' tab. To see what you have already installed on your machine, click the 'Installed Software' tab.



*To complete the installation, please reboot your computer as to ensure functionality.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the LCB IT Service Desk at (513)556-7159 or