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Security Notice

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business Information Technology (LCB IT) team has taken extensive measures to protect the security of its computing resources and its user’s accounts. Users should be aware, however, that the college cannot guarantee the absolute security and privacy of data stored on the colleges computing facilities. Users should therefore engage in safe computing practices including, but not limited to, guarding their passwords, changing them regularly, encrypting, and backing up critical files when appropriate.


Physical Security of IT Property

The data on your laptop or portable devices might be more valuable to the thief than the physical device itself. In recognition of this, it's always best to use good judgment when storing sensitive information on your machine.  Please use these recommendations to help further protect your system:

  • Keep sensitive data stored on your personal “I Drive” and not on the physical hard drive.
  • Do not use the “remember my password” option for any applications because it completely bypasses this level of protection in the hands of a thief.


University of Cincinnati Information Security Policies

If you would like to reference the University of Cincinnati’s Information Security policies page, we have provided the link below.