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Carl H. Lindner College of Business

Loaner Equipment Policy

This agreement has been acknowledged by authenticating during the rental process
against your 6+2 credentials and operates under the following conditions:

  • I understand that this equipment is to be used only for curricular purposes in accordance with the Information Technology and Instructional Equipment (ITIE) guidelines. It is not to be used for extra-curricular activities and /or personal use.
  • I understand that this equipment is to be used for purposes relating to the UC’s Lindner College of Business and in accordance with the University property and materials appropriate use guidelines.
  • I understand that I am responsible for returning the listed equipment in the same condition in which it was given to me and acknowledge that it is my duty to exercise a proper standard of care to assure that it is not stolen or damaged while in my possession, custody, or control.
  • I understand that I will be responsible for immediately reporting any theft or vandalism of Lindner College of Business owned equipment to the Lindner IT Service Desk (513-556-7159) and UC Campus police (513-556-6000).
  • I agree not to loan checked out assets to anyone for any reason and to return the equipment on the due date reflected. I accept full responsibility for the LCB owned equipment listed within this receipt and agree to pay for any damage (including undue wear) or loss.  In such an event, I understand that the University of Cincinnati will bill me for the charges.
  • I understand that failure to return the equipment at the agreed upon due date adversely affects pending loans by other students and faculty and will result in administrative action that could include:

                *suspension of the students transcripts

                *suspend Lindner College of Business computer account

                *possible forfeiture of the privilege to borrow LCB assets in the future

                *a filed theft report with the UC police if the item is not returned 4 days after the due date

Failure to return equipment is in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.