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Electronic Classrooms

Electronic Classrooms

About us:
Welcome to the College of Business Electronic Classroom advanced multimedia and video production service!  We specialize in video conferencing and video streaming, both central features of our educational programs.  Interacting with long-distance colleagues as well as capturing your session to a web or disc-based file is a seamless process to you as we handle the technical production using our practiced methods.

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Support Services:
Video Production Recording: Fully equipped classrooms and mobile carts are available for video conferencing, lecturing as an electronic classroom and capturing events to video.  One of the unique features of the College's multimedia facilities is the availability of advanced workstations that offer the presenter numerous tools to communicate and transmit content to their audience. These workstations provide a richer, more flexible environment, enhancing lectures by capturing a variety of media in their video conferencing or video streaming sessions.  These tools include:

  • Case-style, tiered classrooms (44 to 72 capacity)
  • AMX touch panel – located on the workstation podium, it allows easy control, preview  and display of all media equipment
  • Convenient location and time
  • Desktop PCs with high-speed internet access as well as laptop access
  • DVD/VCR for play back
  • Smart board capability which converts whiteboard notes to a real-time electronic file
  • Satellite video download – available in one classroom
  • Presenter and audience cameras so each image can be recorded and/or displayed
  • Wireless lavalier, podium, handheld and student microphone

Video Streaming: Capability to record all local and remote cameras, activities on PC monitor, including mouse movements.  This and all video sources can be shared with the remote site in videoconferences, as well as recorded and edited into streaming videos in post-production.

Video Conferencing: Connection capability to one or more remote sites using IP protocols.

Lecture Capture: Audio/Video recordings of lectures for students (at the professors discression).

Video Editing: Non-linear editing services and DVD Authoring on our workstations for web streaming or disc-based productions.