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Lab Printing & Mobile Printing

PRINT using Wepa!

Color, black & white and duplex printing are available in all Carl H. Lindner College of Business (LCB) computer labs. 

  • Color printing is .35 per page
  • Black & White is .07 per page.

Web-based Printing is Here!

In addition to printing from the PCs in the LCB labs, students are able to print wirelessly from their laptop PC, MacBook, or Android device. You now have the option of printing web pages, documents, Blackboard items – anything you would normally print from within the LCB labs – directly from your own device, thereby eliminating the need to login to a lab PC.

The Wepa app can be downloaded via the app store on your mobile phone OR via

All printing charges are handled through the Wepa Print Management System. All registered LCB students will receive $10.00 in free prints at the beginning of each semester to use in the labs. When the $10.00 balance has been exhausted, students can use their Bearcat Card to purchase additional prints. Money can be deposited on a Bearcat Card through the Blackboard website.