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Minimum Hardware Requirements

The Lindner College of Business Information Technology (LCB IT) team recommends the following minimum system specifications if students decide not to participate in the Lindner Laptop Purchase Program. Students that would like further guidance or have specific questions about their current system should contact the LCB Service Desk at

Important note: All software used in LCB coursework is Windows-based. This is an important consideration to keep in mind when preparing for studies at LCB. Students with Apple computers can use Windows software by accessing UCVLabs or by installing Boot Camp or VMWare on their Apple computer, but please keep in mind that there is more work involved if you do not have a Windows laptop.


College of Business Minimum Recommended PC Specifications

Lindner College of Business Minimum Recommended Laptop Specifications
Published March 2018 (updated yearly)
HardwareProcessorIntel Core i5 / i7
Intel Core i5 / i7
Memory (RAM)8.0 GB (16.0 GB is Preferred)
8.0 GB (16.0 GB is Preferred)
Hard Drive Size
256 GB256 GB
Display / ResolutionUser's PreferenceUser's Preference
Operating SystemWindows 10 or higher
OS X 10.9 or higher
Warranty User's Preference (Four Years Suggested) 
Backup DriveStrongly Recommended