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Laptop Required

All Lindner College of Business students are required to have a laptop computer that meets certain hardware standards which we have outlined hereBecause all software used in LCB coursework is Windows-based, we strongly recommend that your laptop is Windows-based as well. Students with Apple computers can use Windows software by accessing UCVLabs or by installing Boot Camp or VMWare on their Apple computer.  However, keep in mind that if your system is not Windows-based, it is your responsibility to purchase and install any additional software and/or access what is available on UCVlabs.

Many factors were analyzed when deciding to implement the laptop-required model. After extensive review, the college found many points that provided us with justification for the implementation of this program. Below are some of the key points that we would like to highlight.

  • Students and study groups will have the ability to work from nearly anyplace or at anytime with dedicated access to specialized software and tools; hence, alleviating the demand for capacity and time constrained lab computers.
  • Professors and students will have the ability to integrate real world simulations or live input in the classroom; thus, providing for a more interactive learning experience.
  • Accommodates the scheduling and work requirements of our students who are full-time working professionals.
  • Access to the College printing resources will be facilitated via direct access from your personal laptop.
  • Students can participate in online-based classes and take advantage of more flexibly scheduled courses.
  • There will be more classroom space for Lindner College of Business classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase a laptop?

In order to establish a core foundation for the laptop required program, the Carl H. Lindner College of Business (LCB) has partnered with Microsoft. For more information on the program, please see our Lindner Laptop Purchase Program web page.

Do I have to purchase my laptop through the Lindner Laptop Purchase Program?

The Lindner College of Business (LCB) offers as a service to our students, complete pre-configured laptops that take advantage of the best academic pricing available. However, students are not required to purchase a laptop through our program as long as the equipment the student brings meets or exceeds the requirements the College has set. Any equipment purchased outside of the Lindner Laptop Purchase Program will be supported but may not fall under our repair agreement with the vendors; hence, preventing the LCB Service Desk from authorized repair of a student’s laptop and allowing for a loaner laptop to be checked out.

Can I use my existing laptop?

Students can use their existing laptop or mobile workstation as long as it meets the minimum specifications set by the College and is able to run any software required by the program. The key benefit of purchasing a recommended model through the program is the support structure. The LCB Service Desk and the University Bookstore will be able to help facilitate a depot return for repair if the laptop was purchased through the program. This will eliminate the students need to go off campus to a costly repair center or sending their hardware back to the manufacturer for repair.

Can I use an iPad instead of purchasing a laptop?

The Lindner College of Business does not support the use of an iPad in place of a laptop. While we feel the iPad is an excellent device to use complimentary to your laptop, it has large disadvantages if being used as your only device.

  • iPads do not have the processing power of a traditional machine.
  • The iPad doesn't give you direct access to its file system making it sometimes impossible to access your files when network access isn't available.
  • The iPad has a limitation on software compatibility. While apps are available through Apple's App Store, many required business applications are not. This leaves you at a huge disadvantage when daily course work requires these applications.
  • There is no USB port, making it difficult to transfer materials from one device to another.
  • iPads lack a keyboard which make it very difficult to write long research papers.

Where can I purchase the required software?

Faculty, Staff and Students at the University of Cincinnati (UC) can purchase software from the UC Bookstore at a discounted rate. The bookstore's computer department is located on the 3rd level of the Tangeman University Center on UC's west campus. Please use the following links to determine the discounts offered:

Also, please visit our Software page for a more comprehensive list of software and means for aquiring some of those special pieces that may be needed for your classes.

Does the Lindner College of Business offer any financial assistance for purchasing the laptop?

Since a laptop is required by the Lindner College of Business, students may be able to include this cost in their financial aid needs. For system costs, we recommend consulting the Lindner Laptop Purchase Program which provides purchase options that meet the college requirements. For more information about the financial aid process, please view the Student Financial Aid website, or call 513-556-1000. The only financial aid application needed at the University of Cincinnati is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


What kind of technical support does the Lindner College of Business offer?

Through the Lindner Laptop Purchase Program, a machine that is under warranty can be taken to the Blue Ash Kenwood Towne Centre Microsoft Store. During this process, a student can check out a loaner laptop during the repair period provided that inventory is available.

Any equipment purchased outside of the Lindner Laptop Purchase Program will be supported with respect to connecting to the network, printing to the labs and software assistance but may not fall under our repair agreement with the vendors. Hence, this would prevent the LCB Service Desk from facilitating an authorized repair of a student’s laptop and allowing for a loaner laptop to be checked out.

Please see our Support Page for more information about your support options.

Under no circumstance will the LCB Service Desk be responsible for backing up any data on a student laptop. The backup process will remain the responsibility of each individual student. The LCB Service Desk does provide documentation and will offer advice to help students understand the steps that need to be taken for secure and complete data backup of their device. Additional backup information may be found here.

Do you have any additional questions?

Please submit any questions, comments of concerns to the LCB Service Desk.