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Tip #1 Creating and Facilitating Effective and Engaging Online Discussions Utilizing Bb

Often as teachers and facilitators we search for ways to reinforce concepts that have been introduced in the course room. We look for ways to engage learners in the learning process and encourage them to put their knowledge into action. With the Discussion Board feature in Bb, students and teachers are able to illustrate and apply their knowledge through interaction and conversation with their peers. The following activities introduce techniques and strategies to get students involved in the learning process while also encouraging respect and appreciation for diverse perspectives.

Tip #2 Soliciting Early-Term Student Feedback

Learning objectives are the driving force behind your course and describe to the students what they should know and be to demonstrate by the time they leave your course. They also describe the overarching goals of the course and help unite the topics that will be covered. Writing learning objectives that target student performance can be difficult. The following resources can help you refine your objective writing skills. 

Tip #3 Transferring Grades to the Registrar’s Office Utilizing BbGrade Center

Do you currently use Blackboard (Bb) Grade Center to track student grades? If so, transferring your grades to the UC Registrar’s office is as easy as 1-2-3!

Tip # 4 Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Have you ever suspected a student of submitting a paper that was not their own original work? If so, how did you go about proving it? Where there tools available to assist you? Well fear no more, SafeAssign is here to take that burden away. Click here to learn more.

Tip #5: Setting Up Your Blackboard (Bb) Grade Center

With student enrollment on the rise, managing assignments and grading can be a difficult task.  With the help of the Bb Grade Center, the time it takes to provide quality and effective feedback to your students can be drastically improved by having students submit their assignments online. Check out the following video for information on how to set up your grade book today!

Tip #6 Utilizing Kaltura Media in Bb to Create Lecture Capture and Video Content

Through the use of Kaltura’s rich media functionality, faculty and students can begin creating, uploading, and publishing video content directly into Blackboard courses to create a more engaging online learning environment. The quick start guide provided walks you through the basics of Kaltura, including how to:
1.       Activate Kaltura in your Blackboard course;
2.       Add Media to an existing Item or Tool;
3.       Manage your media across various courses.

Tip #7 Using Group Management in Blackboard

Managing Groups in Blackboard in the first two weeks can be a difficult task due to students adding and dropping the course. The following video highlights how to manage and modify Groups after a course has launched. 

Tip #8 August 2015 Update

Kaltura and BB

Kaltura Capture Space Launch

Are you looking for a way to reinforce complex concepts in your course? What about that lecture that gets cancelled due to inclement weather? Do you want the ability to flip your classroom? If so, Kaltura Capture Space is now available to help you stream your online media or record and upload your own videos and screen recordings!

IT@UC has recently launched the Kaltura Capture Space, a stand-alone software that fully integrates with Blackboard (Bb). Kaltura’s recording tools can be easily downloaded and installed onto your personal computer so you can record, edit, and launch your own videos from your desktop. Additionally, students can also use this tool to create and present their own media.

To get started with Kaltura Capture Space, please visit IT@UC’s Kaltura Getting Started Guide.


Echo 360 Lecture Capture System

Have you heard the good news? Podcast Producer has been replaced with the new Echo 360 Lecture Capture System to help instructor’s capture lecture and instructional content that can be delivered and accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Echo 360 fully integrates with the online Blackboard (Bb) Learning Management System to improve student engagement before, during, and after class. The integrated real-time data and powerful analytics included in Echo 360 also allows real-time feedback that can be used to enhance student success.

Why use Echo 360?

·         Features student and class-specific learning analytics to give you better insight of how your lecture captures are being used.

·         Produces reliable, high quality lectures that can work on any device.

·         Like Podcast Producer, Echo 360 automatically schedules and uploads lecture recordings to the Bb Learning Management System for student review.

·         Provides high quality study and review materials to increase student learning outcomes.

To Opt-In and begin using Echo 360 today navigate to and complete the registration process.


UC's New Enterprise Web Conferencing Solution

WebEx is a web-based conferencing tool that allows users the ability to host a variety of events, from small group meetings or virtual office hours, to large webinars or conferences. Participants have the ability to share files, documents, and/or videos, while also accessing a shared whiteboard that can be used for online illustrations. WebEx allows Faculty and staff the ability to host meetings for up to one thousand participants at any time or place. Students will also be granted accounts that allow them to schedule online meetings and collaborate with up to eight other participants at a time.

For your convenience, the LCB Center for Instructional Design has posted a handout and video tutorial on our website that illustrates how faculty, staff, and students can utilize and implement WebEx. For more WebEx instructional guides and tutorials, please visit

Access to WebEx

To access WebEx and get started today, please use the appropriate link below:

Student-Hosted Meeting Faculty/Staff-Hosted Meeting

For your convenience, the LCB Center for Instructional Design has posted a handout and video tutorial on our website that illustrates how faculty, staff, and students can utilize and implement WebEx. For more WebEx instructional guides and tutorials, please visit

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this University web conferencing solution, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at 513-556-4357 or

Appropriate Use

All users of WebEx agree to abide by the University of Cincinnati's general Use of Information Technology policy. Further, WebEx participants may not discuss or share any information that is classified as Restricted Data under UC's Data Protection Policy. Faculty and staff may discuss Controlled Data, such as student assignments and grades, provided that all parties have a legitimate business or academic reason to do so. See UC's Data Classification and Data Types for a detailed listing of what data is classified as Restricted Data and Controlled Data. At no time, should users of WebEx share or discuss Protected Health Information (PHI) or data that is covered by HIPAA.

Users of WebEx also agree not to disclose or share any information, data, programs, schematics, etc. that are subject to the export controls provided by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), specifically the list found at 22 CFR § 121.1. Additionally, users of WebEx agree to abide by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) as set forth in 15 CFR § 736.2.

Failure to comply with these usage restrictions may result in disciplinary action in accordance with collective bargaining agreements and human resource policy.