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Communication and Collaboration

WebEx Web Conferencing Documentation

Discussion Board Documentation

Ensuring Originality in Discussion Boards

Ensuring Originality Handout

Netiquette in Online Discussions

Netiquette Handout


Wikis, Blogs, and Journal Documentation

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Group Documentation

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Kaltura Documentation

Kaltura Capture Space Launch

The Kaltura software can be downloaded to any personal Mac or PC and used to create videos that capture content from your:

  • Screen;
  • Web-camera;
  • Multimedia presentations.

This upgraded Kaltura software includes the following NEW features:

  • Video editing capabilities;
  • Add title screens and credits to any presentation;
  • Option to illustrate, draw, and annotate presentations;
  • No reliance on the Java Runtime Environment.

To get started with Kaltura Capture Space, please visit IT@UC’s Kaltura Getting Started Guide


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