Ryan Belisario

Ryan belisario



Ryan Belisario





Engagement on campus:

Bearcat Buddies


Graduation year:

Summer 2016


Location and type of program where you studied abroad:

Summer School program to Toulouse, France


Describe the location you studied abroad for someone who has never been there.

Toulouse, France is a college town focused around business and aviation. There is a lot of history within the city and the surrounding areas.  It is a “college town” so the activities and people were young with a professional focus which gave us something to do every day and every night. The city is located in the South of France which gave us access to a wide variety of other cities and sites to explore in our free time.


Why did you choose your program?

I chose this program because of Toulouse Business School’s prestige and my dad spent time in Toulouse when he was just out of college, working for Boeing.


How did you afford an international experience?

Some of the trip was paid for through scholarships from the LCB and the international office, the other part was paid for by myself and my parents.


What was the biggest academic challenge for while abroad?

The biggest academic challenge I faced while studying abroad was while working on group projects, the language barrier and cultural differences made communication a challenge.


Prior to travel how did you prepare yourself to experience a new culture?

Prior to traveling to France, I prepared by learning some French but more importantly, researching the area and what to do and what not do based on the culture of the city/country.


What professional skills did you gain while abroad?

One of the big highlights for me was meeting people from all around the world, not just people from France.  I learned how to communicate and lead groups with people from other countries and different cultures.


If you had the chance to study abroad again, what would you do differently?

I would break out of the “UC group” earlier and engage more with the students from other countries right from the start.