Erin Glossop




Erin Glossop



International Business and Marketing


Engagement on campus:

Alpha Lambda Delta, Lindner Women in Business, Bearcat Buddies, Hall Government, Circle of Excellence, Learning Assistance Center


Coop Placements:

Intern at Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce


Graduation year:



Location and type of program where you studied abroad:

Faculty-led program to Queretaro, Mexico.


Describe the location you studied abroad for someone who has never been there:

Queretaro, Mexico is a city in Central Mexico an hour or so north of Mexico City. Known as one of the safest places in Mexico, Queretaro is home to many company headquarters, and their businesses are only continuing to grow.


Why did you chose your program?

I chose my program because of my experience with the Spanish language.


What was your best memory from your time abroad?

My best memory was seeing the pyramids of Teotihuacan, used by the Aztecs.


How did you afford an international experience?

I had assistance from my parents, as well as scholarships from Circle of Excellence and UC International. I also helped cover costs by working.


What was your favorite class or academic activity abroad?  Why?

My favorite activity was the classes we took at the Ole Language School in Queretaro. Here we were separated into groups based on our Spanish language experience, and then received classes with some grammar and culture. I learned a lot from my teacher Carlos about the intricacies of doing business with Mexicans, many of which I had never considered.


Describe interactions you had with locals.  What did you learn from these people?

One experience that was very important to me during my time in Mexico was the experience of living in a homestay with my host parents, Martha and Ruben. They were always so warm and accommodating, and treated my roommate and me like their own children. Since they didn’t speak any English, it was difficult at times to communicate perfectly with them, and just speaking in general took a lot more thought than it usually did. However, conversing with them and practicing my Spanish was one of the most rewarding things I did.


How has study abroad influenced you career path?

Going on this program has reminded me of why I wanted to do international business in the first place. During this school year I had strayed a bit from the path of wanting to pursue that avenue, but going to Mexico and experiencing another culture let me know all over again why I chose to study it.


What is something you learned from studying abroad?

Be flexible. You can’t be too stuck in your ways. You have to always adapt to new situations.


What was your biggest challenge while studying abroad?

My biggest challenge was putting myself out there when it came to speaking in Spanish.


In your opinion, why should every student study abroad?

Because here in Ohio and even the US, we live in a sort of bubble. We so rarely see people who are different than us. Studying abroad opens up your world in ways you wouldn’t imagine.