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Cody Rizzuto

The Business of Politics

UC undergraduate business student publishes book on political views.

As a freshman, Cody Rizzuto, BBA ’15, is not quite sure where life will take him, but he’s optimistic it will involve his passion for marketing and politics.

He’s gotten an early jump on both.

Rizzuto, a marketing major in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business, has written a book titled “The Millennial Generation: Restoring America,” published by

“We don’t have many students writing books these days,” says Ric Sweeney, undergraduate marketing program director and assistant professor-educator in the Lindner College of Business. “Cody’s [book] is especially timely given an election year.”

Rizzuto loves politics and realized that most people his age have little interest. He grew tired of talking about his views and concerns and started writing.

“First it was writing down my beliefs,” Rizzuto says. “Then I began researching facts to back up my opinions and beliefs.”

One year and 154 pages later, Rizzuto’s book examines current problems­ along with formulated solutions for a brighter future, he says. In 25 chapters, he addresses prevalent issues such as healthcare reform, unemployment, debt, gay marriage and other hot topics.

The book, sold on and websites, asks would-be readers who will be obligated to solve American’s problems?

“The perspective of this 19-year-old author provides a fresh outlook that young people of America can relate to and embrace,” the book’s online description reads.

He uses his marketing skills to push the book to the forefront of conversation as the country approaches a presidential election, a first for Rizzuto as a voter.  Through Facebook, he’s created a public forum as a place to share views and debate beliefs with others. He’s been a guest on The Gralien Report, a podcast on the Fringe Radio Network.

So far, he’s sold about 100 books. Rizzuto says he’s not in it for the money. He wants to educate and inspire others to talk about their beliefs, “to create dialogue on how to restore America,” he says.

A voracious reader, Rizzuto credits his interest in history and politics to his grandfather and his aptitude for business to his father. His grandfather, for whom the book is dedicated, taught American history in Cincinnati Public Schools for nearly 40 years and shared many stories that captured Rizzuto’s interest. He aims to follow in his father’s footsteps as a senior vice president for the Royal Bank of Scotland, but knew marketing was his niche.

“I like the broad spectrum of what I can do; that’s why I went into marketing,” Rizzuto says.

His political passion has fueled other endeavors that take on a marketing spin on and off the UC campus.

He engages in freelance marketing activities for former Cincinnati City Councilman Phil Heimlich, who runs a political web site called Route Causes that uses animated video as a political storytelling platform.

On the UC campus, he participated in a grassroots marketing campaign of passing out fliers and publicizing through social media and face-to-face interactions to help fellow Lindner College of Business student Lane Hart get elected as Student Government president.  He’s also a member of the American Marketing Association and the newly created Marketing Leadership Circle.

In the Lindner College of Business, a Business Fast Track course for freshmen influenced a start-up business idea that is still coming together.  

Off campus, he’s heavily involved in sports, coaching baseball and soccer coach—two sports that he played at Maderia High School.

As a freshman, he’s still figuring out his destiny. He sees his future going in many directions but is certain it will involve politics and business.

“I enjoy challenges and doing the things I love,” he says. “Whatever I do, I hope it involves helping others and somehow makes an impact.”