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Poised for Success

Marketing major juggles school and work with impressive results.

Brittany Little's traditional icebreaker when getting to know people is the fact that, during high school, she was a state champion gymnast. “My favorite [event] was floor, because I liked to tumble, but the balance beam was my best event,” she recalls.

Brittany may not be involved in gymnastics anymore, but she's spent the last four years expertly balancing school and work, paying her own way through college while maintaining a 3.6 GPA and earning a spot on the dean's list almost every quarter.

Now in her last quarter at the University of Cincinnati, she looks forward to graduation in June 2010 with mixed feelings: “I'm excited and nervous about going into the real world,” she says.

She shouldn't have anything to worry about. Throughout her time at UC, Brittany has gained plenty of experience working in a professional environment—first through a year and a half as a student worker in the dean's office, and now through a position with the college's marketing communications team. This position is particularly relevant for this marketing major, who loves the opportunity to work with programs ranging from Microsoft Excel to Adobe InDesign to create print and digital collateral for the College of Business.

“Brittany is invaluable to our team,” says Tricia Bath, director of college relations at the UC College of Business. “She easily tackles projects that span a variety of softwares and skill sets. It's rare to find someone who can adapt to changing demands so well and with such a positive, willing attitude.”

Although it hasn't always been easy, Brittany considers paying her own way through college to be her greatest accomplishment. “Some people who have their bills paid for them don't truly understand or respect the stress involved [in going to college],” she says. “I have to work at it, and it's made me a stronger person.”

Brittany definitely feels like she's gotten her money's worth from the College of Business. Her favorite class is a toss-up between retail and sports marketing, both of which supplemented theoretical coursework with practical advice from guest speakers. “We had speakers come in from the Cincinnati Reds, the Florence Freedom, P&G, even [UC College of Business alumnus and CEO of Robert Graham] Chuck Hellman,” she says. “It was cool to hear the real-world experience that he's had. He was a C student, and because he was confident, and he listened, he was able to be successful.”

Confidence is key—a lesson Brittany has known ever since her days in gymnastics. “Before you go on the balance beam, you're supposed to do mental imaging,” she recalls. “Just imagine yourself being successful, and you will be.”