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There's No Place Like Home

Marketing major gets the best of both worlds at the UC College of Business.

Cincinnati native Amy Dulle always thought college would be the perfect time to explore another city. She knew she wanted to live close to her family after graduation, so when she began her college search in 2006, she looked at schools like Indiana University and the University of Dayton. But when her parents insisted that she take a tour of their alma mater, the University of Cincinnati, she fell in love with the campus, the atmosphere—and the opportunities.
“The Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS program was a great opportunity right here in Cincinnati,” Amy recalls. “So many doors have been opened up to me through [the program].”
This marketing major and Lindner Honors-PLUS scholar has gained plenty of experience in the Cincinnati business community, spending four co-op quarters with the local headquarters of international design firm LPK. Amy especially enjoys working with individuals from a variety of disciplines—something she gets to do at LPK, in her classes and even in her sorority. “There's more room for creativity when you can work with people from all different backgrounds,” she explains.
As Kappa Kappa Gamma president in 2009-10, Amy coordinated with the leaders of other Greek organizations and directed activities for students from a wide range of majors. Prior to that, she served as new member chairman, improving the retention rate of new members through a complete redesign of the acclimation process, including Wizard-of-Oz-themed informational presentations for the new members.
Even though Amy stayed close to home for college, she's had plenty of opportunity to explore the world thanks to her study abroad experience, including a whirlwind tour of London and four weeks of study in Tampere, Finland; Brussels, Belgium; Geneva, Switzerland and Munich, Germany. In many ways, Lindner Honors-PLUS has given Amy the best of both worlds: allowing her to travel while remaining close to her family, to gain work experience while still having time to get involved on campus, to collaborate with students across campus while always having a home in the College of Business. “Sometimes I think people feel like they might get lost [at a large university],” she says, “but in the UC College of Business, people really make an effort to make you feel comfortable.”