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Sticking with It

Marketing student pursues lifelong love of retail through education and extracurriculars.

Ever since he can remember, Alex Spidare has loved to sell things. “I was always the kid to have a lemonade stand,” he says, “and when I got sick of my toys, I'd sell them on the street corner.”

Now, thanks to the University of Cincinnati College of Business, Alex has transitioned from the street corner to the corner suite, completing a project management and sales co-op with Jasco Engineering & Sales. “It's a small company, so I'm able to work closely with my boss and the other sales reps,” Alex says. “It gives me a good opportunity to learn a lot about how to be successful in sales.”

Alex is also learning a lot about his chosen profession through marketing classes and extracurricular involvement at the College of Business. A Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholar and University Honors scholar, Alex has also been involved with UC's chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) since his freshman year. “My first year, I just got as involved as I could,” he says. His role expanded in the following years, from vice president of fundraising during his sophomore year to president during his pre-junior and junior years. In his first term as president, the group received three awards from the Cincinnati Chapter of the AMA and the AMA International Collegiate Conference.

Alex sees his involvement in the group as an integral piece of his education in sales. “UC AMA offers wonderful opportunities to network, hear from marketing professionals and put your marketing skills to good use,” he explains. “Plus, I can see myself growing as a leader and a marketing professional.” He plans to use his AMA experience as a springboard into membership with the international organization's Cincinnati chapter after he earns his BBA in 2012. He'll still keep in touch with UC AMA, “whether it is just to say hi, to mentor a new president, or get my company to sponsor the group.”

If he could offer one piece of advice to other business students at UC, he'd tell them to get involved. “A student can gain invaluable experience and knowledge by choosing just one organization and sticking with it,” he says. “I have always believed that class, lecture and textbooks are good and have their place, but there is more to learning than that.”