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Honors Student Finds Cincinnati to Be a Springboard for Business Success

Cincinnati native and Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS student learns to take advantage of the resources and opportunities of his hometown.

“The College of Business at the University of Cincinnati was my perfect match,” says Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS student Alex Arroyo.  He first learned about the honors program as a Princeton High School sophomore while attending a Lindner Honors-PLUS luncheon advertised through his high school's alumni contacts. Alex had always known he wanted to go into business, and UC's academic strength and location—Alex loves Cincinnati—were a combination he could not resist.

“I love being here,” Alex says of the university.

With its corporate partnerships and proximity to the urban center of the city, UC serves as a professional training ground for any emerging business leader, offering Alex valuable opportunities both locally and abroad. During his four co-op periods at Toyota, Alex was exposed to business cultures from across the world, like Japan. Additionally, Alex and two other Lindner Honors-PLUS students organized a mission trip to Costa Rica for members of his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, and the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta.

However, Alex's greatest professional development opportunity occurred here in his hometown. For three consecutive years, Alex served as a co-director of You See Potential, a two-day leadership conference designed to help gifted high school students gain business skills from motivational speakers, professional development seminars and financial literacy classes.  The conference was started by two other Lindner Honors-PLUS students, and Alex took it upon himself to continue its legacy. “I was interested in leading this event because I wanted to give others opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable to them,” Alex says.

The high school students are not the only ones who take lessons away from the conference—Alex has learned his own lessons about the value of being involved in Cincinnati's business culture.

“With You See Potential, I have to be responsible from start to finish, from the fundraising to the execution of the whole event,” Alex says. “I've also developed networking skills and business contacts that most students my age don't have access to.”

Years after starting at UC, Alex knows he made the right decision in exploring all Cincinnati has to offer. “I'm confident that the whole experience I've had at UC, the College of Business and in the Lindner Honors-PLUS program have prepared me to be successful in my future,” he says.

Alex will graduate in spring 2011 with a degree in finance and entrepreneurship, and with guidance from his father and insight from his time in UC's Entrepreneurship Club, Alex plans to start his own business in property management or, ideally, his own restaurant.