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Scholar Cultivates a Passion for the University Experience

Scholar discovers the value of being involved and works to help others remain engaged with UC.

“Being involved should be part of the curriculum for all University of Cincinnati students,” says accounting major and Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS student Stephanie Wenning.

An active member of organizations and activities across campus including Delta Sigma Pi, Nightwalk Safety Board and Relay for Life, Stephanie lives out this philosophy every day.  She credits the Lindner Honors-PLUS program as her motivation to be engaged both inside and outside of the classroom.

“The Honors-PLUS program has offered me guidance and support, and the push and drive of the rest of the honors students is addicting,” she says.

Through her time in the Lindner Honors-PLUS program, Stephanie has cultivated a passion for enhancing the university experience for potential and current students and alumni. She works with Recruitment Officers and Admissions Relations (R.O.A.R.) and Cincinnati Women of Excellence and Spirit Together (CWEST), as well as the Student Alumni Council, where she currently serves as president. “I love working with alumni,” she says. “They've taught me to appreciate the university from a new perspective and more fully cherish my time here.”

Co-op opportunities have allowed Stephanie to engage with external audiences during her time at UC, while also honing her professional skills. In fact, she notes co-op as a key attraction to the UC College of Business.

“Co-op was a big draw,” Stephanie says. “The chance to gain exposure to an area of expertise is a valuable opportunity.”

For six co-op rotations, she worked with international accounting firm Ernst & Young, an experience that has allowed her to develop in her major concentration long before she graduates in 2011.

Although Stephanie was certain that UC was the place for her when she began her college search, she never anticipated how much she would gain from her involvement on campus.

“The Lindner Honors-PLUS program has truly been a gateway to my success,” she says. “It's handed me the experience of a lifetime.”