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Leading by Example

When it comes to mentoring other students or sharpening her leadership skills, marketing major Lauren Alt knows no limits.

Lauren Alt, a fourth-year marketing major, began her leadership journey early. As a sophomore, she was a teaching assistant for the freshman Management Skills Practicum course. She guided a group of 17 freshmen through their first year as they learned business basics by studying and working with a local company. “It was more than teaching, I was really a mentor,” Lauren recalls.

The experience launched Lauren's continuing interest in helping fellow students on campus. She branched out to assist students considering a major in business by working with the Major Mentors program through the Center for Exploratory Studies. The center specializes in assisting students with investigating the majors available at UC along with assessment tools that help students to identify their work interests, skills and values.

During the spring and summer 2009 quarters, Lauren focused on sharpening her marketing skills in the cooperative education program. Participating in co-op challenged Lauren to exercise her leadership abilities, earning her a promotion to marketing lead at Murphy Catton, a museum and themed environment fabricator in Walton, Kentucky. She began work at the firm prior to even taking a marketing course.

Before long, she landed a hands-on position, which included travel to tradeshows and work with zoos and aquariums across the country. “I felt important, and it empowered me,” she says. Lauren was even in charge of training fellow business student, Jenna Kline, who graduated in spring 2009. “It was strange at first,” Lauren notes of helping and guiding the older student. However, Lauren learned quickly that she could have a profound impact on other students' college and career experiences. Jenna, who is now a marketing associate at MurphyCatton, says Lauren mentored her and taught her the basics of marketing at the company.