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Marketing Student-Athlete Determined To Follow Olympic Dream

Business student and champion swimmer has the drive and determination to go for the gold.

“Challenging and rewarding” are the words finance and marketing major and champion swimmer Josh Schneider uses to describe the experience of being a student-athlete at the University of Cincinnati.

“When I was looking at colleges, UC had the whole package. There was really no question of where I wanted to go,” Josh says of the opportunity to swim competitively while also working toward his degree at the UC College of Business.

His lifestyle is demanding, with hours of practice starting in the early morning and hours of homework going into the night.  However, Josh does not feel that his busy schedule detracts from his ability to concentrate on what is important. “Being a student-athlete has given me the determination to be focused in all areas of my life,” he says. “I can't get caught up in the distractions because I have to keep up with training and my classes.”

In March 2010, Josh achieved a personal goal and made the UC community proud when he took home first place in the 50-yard freestyle event at the NCAA Championships. Encouraged by this victory, Josh has set his sights on his lifetime aspiration:  the 2012 Olympics Games in London.

“Especially now, after winning the 50-yard freestyle, the ‘glory event,' my dream of the 2012 Olympics has become a realistic goal,” Josh says. “I've been contacted by agents, and everything is moving in the right direction.”

In addition to the rush of competing, Josh also enjoys interacting with other athletes at meets and tournaments. “I get to travel and meet swimmers from all over. It's a kind of networking for us,” he explains. If he were not a swimmer, Josh would make use of his social nature and outgoing personality in a sales position after he graduates in summer 2010. “I have skills with people and numbers, and I enjoying marketing and sociology,” he says. “I could really express myself in a sales career.”

But Josh realizes that the window of opportunity for pursuing his Olympic dream is small, so after graduation this summer, he will be traveling to Charlotte, NC to train intensively for the 2012 Olympic trials.

“I've been given the opportunity to follow my dreams. Now it's up to me to make the most of it.”