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International Partnership Pays Off for Interim Associate Dean and Management Professor

Marianne Lewis routinely steps out of the classroom to further her research and connect with faculty at business schools around the world.

Marianne Lewis, interim associate dean and management professor, is one of several business faculty members who consults, teaches and/or researches outside of UC. Recently, Lewis took a yearlong sabbatical to pursue an international opportunity. She partnered with a co-author from London to examine how top product design firms manage ongoing innovation in an attempt to glean lessons that could inspire more traditional industries. Their findings, which have been published in three international journals, include the idea that design firms are adept at working paradoxically—thinking in terms of art and business, leveraging passion and discipline—to benefit their clients and push technology.

“I find that kind of opportunity [to collaborate with colleagues at other universities] really energizing. It gets me excited and fuels my energy to stay on the cutting edge of business,” says Lewis. “It's easy to get stagnant without those kinds of experiences.”

Cutting-edge research results aren't the only benefit of collaboration with faculty at other institutions. Lewis adds, “An indirect benefit of working with my co-authors is that I get a feel for how they do things at their colleges and universities. We might be working on research, but things come up all the time where we get to share teaching and student service-related activities. It is really interesting to get different perspectives on everything from how to help your students in the classroom to [how to help] them outside the classroom.”