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Collaboration Sparks Creativity for Associate Professor

Steve Slezak's classroom lectures are enhanced through his research connections with top business schools around the country.

To enhance UC's academic prestige, some faculty members pursue relationships with other educational institutions. This kind of “cross-pollination” allows UC faculty—and visiting faculty—to share their experiences and learn something new. In 2009, Steve Slezak, past head of UC's finance department, began a term as a visiting professor at the University of Michigan conducting research and teaching both undergraduates and MBAs.

Before coming to UC, Slezak taught at the University of Michigan as well as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has received numerous awards for dedication to his students, including the Weatherspoon Award for Excellence in MBA Teaching from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Michael L. Dean Excellence in Classroom Education and Learning (EXCEL) Graduate Teaching Award and the 2009 Harold J. Grilliot Award for Exemplary Service to Undergraduate Organizations, both from the UC College of Business.

Also an accomplished researcher with publications in The Journal of Finance (including an article nominated for the 2003 Smith-Breeden Prize), The Review of Financial Studies and the Journal of Financial Economics, among others, Slezak was excited by the opportunity to return to the University of Michigan and interact with thought leaders in his field. “A number of people at Michigan are well regarded and state of the art in the areas that I work in,” he says. “To be able to bounce ideas off each other in the halls and at lunch is extremely important to the creative process of research and teaching.”
While these relationships are obviously personally rewarding, Slezak also sees the potential for huge benefits for UC. “The greater the opportunity to work with other people, the greater the chance of obtaining new ideas and practical experiences that will allow the College of Business at UC to better serve the specific needs of its constituents.”