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Bringing Global Perspectives to UC Students

Academic experiences at some of the world's best business schools have allowed Shaun Bond to enhance what students are learning right here at UC.

Prior to joining the UC faculty as associate professor of real estate in 2008, Shaun Bond spent seven years teaching at the UK's internationally acclaimed Cambridge University. However, his UC appointment is not his first foray into teaching at U.S. business schools. Throughout his career, Bond has undertaken several visiting professorships to broaden his knowledge of the U.S. market and to share his expertise in international real estate finance markets.

“I saw an opportunity to develop more of an understanding of the U.S. markets and how they work, and I was able to develop research partnerships in the U.S.,” he says. Bond values these experiences not only for the chance to learn something new, but also for how they can positively impact his home school.

“It helps to see the research being done at other institutions,” he adds. “By visiting, you see other methods and topics and you can incorporate the best features of what you see into your home institution.” Students at UC also benefit from Bond's experience with European real estate markets, as his illustrative examples help them to gain greater awareness of multiple financial environments and contexts.

Bond's previous appointments include university senior lecturer in real estate finance at the University of Cambridge and visiting associate professor in the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University. He has been a visiting fellow at the George Washington University and the University of Queensland. He has also served as senior economist at the Queensland Treasury Department, completed projects for many government and industry organizations and published numerous articles in top real estate and finance journals.