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BSIM Spotlight

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management degree (BSIM) is an engineering based program designed for students with strong technical and quantitative abilities.  The major provides the operations management training to technically-oriented students who share their first two years with engineering students.  Majors may begin their program of study as freshmen in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business or transfer into the program from engineering programs. 

The BSIM is one of the few undergraduate programs of its kind in the nation. The program enjoys an outstanding reputation, and recruiters compete for its graduates. Students are employed by manufacturing and service industries and can find careers in both managerial and operational roles. Positions offered recently to graduates include production manager, quality engineer, manufacturing engineer, supply chain manager, logistics account executive, process engineer, VMI analyst,  production control, supply chain optimization, six-sigma quality manager, and project manager. Salaries are typically in the 90th percentile of other graduates from the Lindner College of Business. Recently a Vice President of Purchasing at a major automobile firm commented, “The alumni base of BSIM from Cincinnati is really strong. BSIM graduates from UC are in top positions in every firm in the automotive industry supply chain. We run it!” Advance degrees are another path chosen by BSIM's. Operations Research/Quantitative Analysis PhD or Masters programs or continuing education in Economics and MBA degrees are common choices.

Co-op, internship and study abroad programs provide students with valuable experience. Co-op is strongly encouraged, but not required.  This allows for program flexibility.  Additionally, it encourages the best and brightest student athletes to consider BSIM as an alternative to engineering, which requires co-op. Field Projects in advanced classes and independent study options emphasize experiential learning.

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