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Marketing Major

Marketing is a broad and integrated system of activities that helps organizations provide products and services that satisfy customers.  Selling and advertising are the most visible parts of marketing, but a broad set of activities is necessary to execute transactions and manage exchange relationships.  Marketers conduct research to gain insight into consumer motivation and behavior.  This knowledge enables them to provide products and services in the right assortment, with the right message, at the right place, price and time.

The marketing major is launched with courses in buyer behavior and marketing research. Students then select five courses to support their desired career paths in marketing.

Marketing careers include professional selling, retail management, marketing research, customer service, brand management, advertising management, and public relations. Entry positions in field sales are typically rewarded with promotions to larger territories and sales management opportunities. Market research careers typically start with interviewing or project support roles and expand into project director, client services, or analyst positions. Retail specialists begin as department managers or buyers. Advertising careers encompass roles such as media planning, copywriting or account management.

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Ric Sweeney
Assistant Professor - Educator and Undergraduate Marketing Program Director
421 Carl H. Lindner Hall