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Information Systems Major

Today, most organizations cannot function or compete effectively without computer-based information systems. Enterprises often ascribe their productivity improvement, improved customer service or competitive advantage in the marketplace to their information systems (IS).

The information systems major trains students to function at the intersection of businesses and technology, to design and build the solutions that allow business to effectively leverage information technology. It provides a student a solid background in the analysis, design, development and deployment of computer based information systems. Students acquire strong technical skills in databases, systems analysis and design, web development, business process modeling, business intelligence tools, telecommunications, and project management, along with problem solving skills through the team-oriented, project-based courses in the program.

The Professional Practice Program (co-operative education), an option in which students alternate work and study quarters during their junior and senior years, is very popular and appropriate in the program. It is highly recommended as a contextual-learning option. Participation in the co-op program offers opportunities to learn current industry practices and connect them to the conceptual knowledge gained in the courses. Needless to say, it also enhances employment opportunities. Though job titles vary widely, graduates interested in more business-oriented jobs have such starting options as business process or systems analysts, data modelers or project managers. Those interested in more technical roles can choose to become web developers, database managers or network designers. Salaries for IS graduates remain among the highest in the college.

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Roger Chiang
Associate Professor
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