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Bachelor of Arts in Economics

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BA Econ

Economics is the scientific study of how society manages its scarce resources. Economics majors develop strong research and analytical skills while exploring issues such as the production of goods and services and the distribution of income. As a growing field that intersects business and social science, economics allows students to apply economic theories and trends to pertinent issues including finance, labor relations, poverty reduction and public policy.

The bachelor of arts in economics degree fuses specialized study in economics with a broad foundation in liberal arts, preparing graduates for a wide array of opportunities. With over 30 credit hours of in-depth economic coursework, you'll develop strong research and analytical skills to solve complex problems of scarce resources and unlimited wants. The BA-economics program also offers flexible degree requirements, giving you the opportunity to customize your education to match your interests. With elective hours, you are able and highly encouraged to pursue areas of study that broaden your base in the liberal arts and deepen your understanding of economic-related fields.

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David Brasington
James C. and Caroline Kautz Chair in Political Economy, Associate Professor
328 Carl H. Lindner Hall