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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an undergraduate degree in business in order to apply?

An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution is required prior to applying for the online master’s degree. (Prospective students do not need to send University of Cincinnati transcripts).

Visit the admission requirements page to learn more.

Will my diploma specify that this is an “online” degree?

Upon completion of the Online program, the diploma will not specify that the coursework was completed online. The degree will read the same as those students who completed their coursework on campus.

How is the online program accredited vs. the campus based program?

All Lindner Programs are accredited through the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The University of Cincinnati is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission.

What does an average week look like for a student enrolled in the Online master’s degree program?

On average, students are enrolled in two courses per 7 week term, and 4 courses per 14 week semester.  Students are encouraged to take classes at that pace that fits their schedule and other obligations.

Can I take time off during the program?

Students can take time off during their time in the online Master’s program; however, they must complete the program within 5 years.

What is the typical class size in an online program?

The typical cohort size 10 – 15 students.  Instructor to student ratios for courses are generally 1: 35-45.

Is there group work in an online course?

All online faculty are encouraged to include active engagement among learners through interactive pedagogy such as Discussion Boards, Blogs, Wikki’s, Journals, Case Studies, Group Learning Activities and Research Projects.

Can I waive the GMAT or GRE?

Visit the admission requirements page to learn more.

Do undergraduate classes transfer into any Masters programs?

Undergraduate courses do not qualify as graduate credit in the master’s degree program.

What support services are available?

Who do I contact for advising? Program questions?

What electives are available?

What kind of career services are offered?

Are there any campus based classes I can take if I want to come to Cincinnati for a weekend?

Currently there are no courses offered for 1 weekend; however, there are some courses that are offered back to back over several weekends. These courses are offered random by term and are located on OneStop when offered.

How long is a class?

Courses generally are offered on a half term basis which is generally 7 weeks.  Some courses do run on a 14 week schedule and are offered as a semester course. There are 2, 7 week terms per semester.

How many classes do I take at a time?

On average, students are enrolled in two courses per 7 week term, and 4 courses per 14 week semester.

Can I take my electives (or any classes) at a local University?

All courses must be completed at the University of Cincinnati.  UC allows some transfer credits subject to college and university requirements and limitations.

Do I have to log on at a specific time?

The online format of Lindner Online programs allow for asynchronous communication and learning. Students are able to log on to the course during a week at their convenience and complete assignments and tasks at a time that works with their busy schedule.  Note that within each course there are due dates for assignments and assessments; the specific time during which a task is can be done is flexible for each learner.

What are costs I should consider on top of tuition? How much?

Aside from the tuition and fees for each course, students should plan for the costs associated with the textbooks and course materials required for a course.

Do I have to come to campus at all?

Students do not have to come to campus during their time enrolled in the Online Program.

How are exams handled?

All exams in the online program are conducted online or as take-home assignments.  Students are required to sign a statement acknowledging the UC’s and the College’s academic integrity rules.

How do I network with classmates? Alumni?

Students are able to network with other classmates and alumni through various avenues such as:

  • Online Program Resources Community

Are there any student organizations I can join?

How do I participate in campus based speaking programs?

Lindner College is working to record and make available campus-based speakers to our Online Students.  Any online students are welcome to attend open campus speaker events if s/he is on campus.

Best Practices

Be actively involved in the course

  • Complete course readings
  • Listen to Lectures and Other Media
  • Participate in Group Discussions , Team Projects, Course Assignments

Plan to spend x amount of time a week per class

  • 10 hours per course/per week

What kind of technical equipment do I need to take an online course?

  • The technical equipment of the online course will vary depending on the content of each course. Please refer to the course syllabus and the Canopy Course for more information related to the technology requirements. All online courses require access to a fast, reliable Internet connection.

Connect with your professors

  • Professors are available via email and through weekly virtual office hours using Adobe Connect software. Students will find that our faculty is very student-centered and accessible for course related questions.

Important Tips to Be Successful Online Learner:

  • Always start by reading the course syllabus in each course
  • Buy the required materials for each course early
  • Introduce yourself to the instructor and your classmates
  • Participate
  • Look for study partners
  • Acquaint yourself with class structures and policies
  • Record tests and assignments on your calendar
  • Establish a regular study time
  • Get a head start on assigned work
  • Do not fall behind
  • Know how to ask for help
  • Stay motivated
  • Know where to go for technical trouble
  • Have a professional looking and clean LinkedIn account
  • Have a dedicated “class space” in your home that can serve as a good study environment
  • Set goals, write them down
  • Join student organizations, professional groups in your area