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Lindner Student Group Fundraiser Achieves 97% Participation

Monday, December 19, 2016 6:32 PM
UC President Santa J. Ono and Benefactor add to donation success with money that will be used for study abroad opportunities for future business students.
Santa Ono

A group of Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholars (KBS) celebrated the success of a student-led fundraiser to provide scholarship dollars for future Lindner College of Business students.

Lindner students Drew Harmon and Tori Roser hatched the first-of-its-kind student-led fundraising idea with a goal of securing 100% participation from 183 current KBS students. They came close, attaining a 97% participation rate to raise additional money to help future students enjoy Lindner’s study abroad opportunities.

Marvin P. Kolodzik

As part of the KBS experience, students participate in domestic and international study abroad opportunities in Chicago, Montreal, Belgium, France, London and, recently added, Costa Rica.

Marvin P. Kolodzik, namesake of the KBS group, afforded a 10-to-one match of funds. As he handed over a check for $17,500, he spoke about his desire to help highly qualified business students pay for their college education, which includes study abroad experiences.  President Ono thanked Kolodzik for his donation by offering his own, as well as a #hottestcollegeinamerica T-shirt. KBS students, in turn, gave President Ono a KBS jacket.