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Lindner Research Scholars Share Cutting-Edge Research with Top Global Executives

Friday, March 23, 2018 2:13 PM
WATCH: Lightning Round TED-style Talks Highlight Lindner’s Far-Reaching Research Impact    

As a new and innovative approach to fostering research excellence and thought leadership within the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business, six research faculty were given a unique opportunity to engage with members of the College’s Business Advisory Council (BAC). At the most recent biannual meeting that took place on Friday, March 2, 2018 at the Kingsgate Marriott, faculty representing each of the College’s six departments took part in a series of lightning round TED-style talks that summarized their cutting-edge research and described business implications.

“We have incredible faculty research happening throughout our college and across all six departments,” says Associate Dean for Innovation and New Ventures, Daniel Gruber, PhD, who, along with departmental leadership, coordinated the presentations. “It’s important for our BAC, our alumni, the Greater Cincinnati region and prospective students to know about the tremendous work that’s being done at Lindner.”

In contrast to traditional lengthy academic seminar presentations, the six faculty summed up their research findings in five minutes. “I really enjoyed participating in this,” notes Professor of Management and Doctoral Program Director, Suzanne S. Masterson, PhD, who presented her research findings on spatial employment relationships. “It was fun to think about how to distill the research down to focus on key highlights that would be beneficial for the business leader audience.” The other five scholars included Jorge Pena Marin, PhD, Mehmet Sağlam, PhD, Rene Saran, PhD, Changjiang "John" Wang, PhD and Jaime Windeler, PhD who presented research-driven wisdom on consumer judgments, organizational decision making, asset pricing and market structure, financial accounting, and virtual team first impressions.

BAC members liked the new format and revealed that it was an energetic, engaging and innovative approach that had never been done before at past biannual meetings. “It was fascinating to see the range of research being conducted at UC, in such an accessible format,” says Clarissa Niese, Chief Customer Officer of locally-owned Tire Discounters and BAC Member. “These advanced approaches being implemented throughout the college make me even prouder of my alma mater and jealous I am not a student today!”

Michael Fry, PhD, department head and professor of Operations, Business Analytics & Information Systems, says the presentations spurred continued discussion among BAC members and Lindner faculty throughout the remainder of the meeting. “Our faculty did a tremendous job of highlighting the impact of their research,” he says. “It was an excellent example of how UC faculty and the business community can come together to advance the research mission of our college.”

Gruber says that this new format will be a regular addition to future BAC meetings and hopes to continue this approach at other College events, noting several positive externalities that could come about as a result. “It is an opportunity to showcase our college’s strengths in research excellence and thought leadership,” he explains. “These presentations could potentially contribute to additional opportunities for research and faculty development, PhD student support, the creation of faculty research chairs and developing executive education courses.”

The faculty presentations were videotaped by Danielle Calhoun, multimedia instructional designer at Lindner, and are included below.    

Research Faculty Presentations

Suzanne S. Masterson, PhD

Professor of Management and Doctoral Program Director

“A Spatial Model of Work Relationships: The Relationship-Building and Relationship-Straining Effects of Workspace Design”

Joint work with Shalini Khazanchi (Rochester Institute of Technology), Therese Sprinkle (Quinnipiac University) and Nathan Tong (University of Hartford)

In press at Academy of Management Review    

Department Head of Management:
Elaine Hollensbe, PhD



Jorge Pena Marin, PhD

Assistant Professor of Marketing

“Round Off the Bargaining: The Effects of Offer Roundness on Willingness to Accept”    

Department Head of Marketing:
Karen Machleit, PhD



Mehmet Sağlam, PhD

Johnson Assistant Professor of Finance

“Liquidity Regimes and Optimal Dynamic Asset Allocation”

Joint work with Kent Daniel (Columbia) and Pierre Collin-Dufresne (EPFL)    



Rene Saran, PhD

Associate Professor in Economics

“Using Sortition To Improve Decision-Making in Organizations”    

Department Head of Economics:
Debashis Pal, PhD



Changjiang "John" Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor of Accounting

“Accounting Convergence and the Potential Adoption of IFRS by the U.S.: Evidence from Germany”    



Jaime Windeler, PhD

Assistant Professor of Operations, Business Analytics & Information Systems

“Shaping First Impressions in Virtual Teams”    

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