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October Update- Techstars Cincinnati Startup Week Greatly Impacts UC Students

Monday, October 16, 2017 1:25 PM
UC students gain skills, grow networks, learn from others, and engage with the lively Cincinnati startup community by attending Techstars Cincinnati Startup Week.

Last week the Cincinnati ecosystem came together for a five-day conference around entrepreneurship to celebrate the community’s unique entrepreneurial identity. The Techstars Cincinnati Startup Week, hosted by Cintrifuse and #StartupCincy, sponsored by CincyTech USA and others, and supported by several local organizations and universities, is a place for entrepreneurial-minded individuals to network, learn, and engage.

The portfolio of events offered was wide-ranging and impressive; including events on doing business in national security to an event titled, “WTF Acronyms- navigating the abbreviated world of tech and design.” It was obvious that there was content for all of #StartupCincy. Whether a local entrepreneur, a student, an investor, or a wondering body, there was something for everyone. Each day kicked-off with yoga and breakfast and concluded with a networking happy hour because after all, Startup Week is a celebration, but not until attendees developed new ideas, shared best practices, and networked with possible business partners.

Henry Molski, marketing manager for Cintrifuse, was overjoyed by the response from the Cincinnati startup community.

“Our region's first Startup Week was an overwhelming success. During the five-day, free-and-open-to-the-public event last week, we saw just about 4,500 attendees at more than 90 different sessions that spanned across eight venues in our ecosystem. In addition, more than 7,000 viewed livestreams from every hour of events during the week.

What's most exciting about this moment is the response from the community. When you see the entire StartupCincy ecosystem respond to an event made possible by ecosystem speakers, sponsors and volunteers, it truly shows the strength of the startup community here in the region,” Molski said.

Tom Dalziel, Executive Director of the UC Center for Entrepreneurship & Commercialization (CEC), continues to encourage UC students to engage with the ecosystem and take advantage of all that is offered during Startup Week.

“An incredible event for UC students! Thanks to all who brought Startup Week to Cincinnati! Great learning opportunities abound in StartupCincy for entrepreneurially-minded individuals from all across our region. This is a great city to grow your own business!,” Dalziel said.

Many Startup Week events took place in Cincinnati’s historic Over the Rhine at Union Hall Cincinnati, which according to the Union Hall website is a, “38,000 sq. ft. building where disruptors come to roll up their sleeves and get to work.” This venue is an area where collaboration and creative culture are no strangers.

With around 60 presenters and thousands of attendees, the collaboration and creative culture mentioned above was inevitable. University of Cincinnati students have continued to rave about their experience at this year’s Startup Week.

Prashant Gupta, working towards a Master’s degree in computer science, attended Jim Stengel’s 7 ways to be successful and a session on Wunderfund, where Wunderfund's CEO, Marvin Abrinica, led over 160 attendees through a new and exciting funding model for startups: Equity Crowdfunding.

“It was an amazing day here at Techstars Startup Week. Nothing better than listening to different views and learning from some of the biggest names in the industry. [I] got a chance to personally meet Jim Stengel, a renowned businessman and author, [and] loved his views on ways to be successful. It is great that students from University of Cincinnati get opportunities to be involved in the largest ecosystem of startups in Ohio,” Gupta said.

Russia Edwards, a UC marketing student, attended several Startup Week events including, Aviatra Presents: Fempreneur, The Power Women Panel.

“From the moment I walked through the doors I was immediately intrigued. The warm welcome to the cool Startup Cincy apparel I knew this week was going to be great. Getting the opportunity to listen to entrepreneurs once in my shoes was truly inspirational to me,” Edwards said.

UC Entrepreneurship faculty continue to encourage their students to attend #StartupCincy events and never do the students regret it.  

Ryan Lieb is one of many examples. “#StartupCincy is becoming a hotspot for UC students. Events like last week give students an immense amount of opportunities to learn about Cincinnati's ecosystem and about an entrepreneurial lifestyle they couldn't get anywhere else. Watch out #StartupCincy, UC students are coming!” Lieb proudly stated.

The atmosphere during last week’s events is a testament to the passion of the Cincinnati startup community and a testament to the ongoing support of the region.

Be sure to learn more about Techstars Cincinnati Startup Week and stay tuned for details on next year!