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UC Marketing Students' Social Media Campaign Now Being Implemented at Luxottica's OneSight

Submitted: 5/10/2011 11:38:37
  • Luxottica is implementing business students' recommendations to better reach OneSight's target audiences through innovative social media techniques.

A 360-degree marketing campaign developed by University of Cincinnati students is now being implemented by Luxottica.

Social media recommendations by a team of six UC students ? Team Foresight out of the university's College of Business ? are even now being used by Luxottica to promote its charitable cause, OneSight®.

Beth Conger, OneSight brand manager, hopes to follow up long term and implement the students' ideas for mobile-phone applications, computer-screen mates and interactive advertising .

Team "ForeSight," including students, Erica Bauer, Anne Gaum, Kevin Hensley, Greg Proffitt, Amanda Young and Yuzhen Zhou, beat out the other five student teams in their buyer behavior marketing class for OneSight's implementation of their recommendations. The winning team proposed an all-encompassing campaign including in-store promotion, interactive advertising, buzz events and social media engagement. Most notably, the winning students researched popular social media sites outside of Facebook that have great potential for rallying regional populations around OneSight's cause. "Presence on these regionally focused sites is something very easy and turn-key that we can implement this year to motivate our regional volunteers to unite in helping the world see," says Conger.

Every team put forth a winning effort, but team "ForeSight" triumphed with the most holistic, global, intriguing and potentially impactful concept to market OneSight's cause. "What we really liked about their proposal was the global nature of their plans," says Conger. "As a global, grassroots organization, one of the biggest challenges we face is effectively communicating and initiating two-way conversations with our volunteers around the world."

"Incorporating real business challenges into the classroom has been a great experience," says team Foresight member Greg Proffitt. "Developing creative solutions that will be implemented at a global level is an invaluable opportunity that has allowed us to give back to a great cause."

Proffitt and his classmates benefited from the hands on teaching model of Elaine Skeldon, adjunct professor of marketing, who set up her fall buyer behavior course as a real-world training ground for future marketers. Through a collaborative between the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Business and OneSight, Skeldon challenged students to develop marketing campaigns that promote the charitable cause.

OneSight, sponsored by Luxottica, a global leader in the manufacturing, distribution and retail sale of eyewear, works to improve vision through outreach, research and education around the globe. Conger partnered with the UC marketing class to increase awareness of their charitable efforts and grow donations from young mothers and Millennials, the organization's key audiences.