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UC's Graduate Business Certificates Cater to Students and Professionals Alike

Submitted: 3/24/2011 14:14:38
  • New graduate business certificates allow students and professionals from any field to top off their education with deep business expertise?an asset to any career.

When it comes to UC graduate degrees, there are a lot of choices on the menu. The university offers more than 200 master's and doctoral degrees in professions ranging from aerospace engineering to women's studies. But what the vast majority of these professions have in common is the need for an up-to-date business understanding.

"Graduate students at UC's various colleges develop deep technical and clinical expertise," says Drew Boyd, director of the MS-Marketing program. "Yet they often lack business and commercial skills to take full advantage of their new degree in the marketplace."

With world-class faculty, extensive corporate connections and comprehensive course offerings at the graduate level, it wasn't long before the UC College of Business came up with a single solution to both of these challenges: a graduate certificate program.

The College of Business is home to a unique variety of specialized graduate programs, including four Master of Science degree tracks, MBA programs for full-time students and working professionals with multiple concentrations and a doctoral program with six different areas of study. Now, the college is taking things to the next level, recalibrating its existing expertise into a new format designed to be accessible to everyone from students across campus to professionals throughout the Greater Cincinnati region.

"[With the graduate certificate program,] we're delivering well-thought-out blocks of content that will help people advance in their careers," says Chris Allen, associate dean for graduate programs and Arthur Beerman Professor of Marketing.

Certificate programs allow the college to expand its impact on the professional community while remaining a leader in the business school marketplace. According to the international Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), out of 469 accredited business schools in the United States, only 37 offer graduate certificates.

UC College of Business graduate certificate students take classes alongside current MBA and MS students, bringing with them a diverse mix of perspectives that enriches the learning experience for all. Also, corporate partners, like GE ? Aviation, have shown great interest in these new offerings and provided input to ensure the certificates serve the needs of working professionals.

Depending on the graduate certificate program, 12-16 credit hours later, program graduates are ready to enter?or continue in?the workforce, armed with a solid foundation in the latest business knowledge. If they decide to pursue further study, they can even apply the courses they've taken to an MBA or MS degree, pending admission approval to those graduate degree programs.

Current graduate certificate offerings include:

International Business (16 credit hours): provides students in-depth expertise?including the opportunity to participate in global short-course seminar programs in Europe, South America and China?in cross-functional areas related to doing business in a global context, including issues such as cross-cultural management, global entrepreneurship and international financial, marketing and operations management.

Marketing (16 credit hours): offers four tracks?practice building, corporate marketing, creative services marketing and technical sales?customized to meet the needs of students and professionals in a wide variety of fields.

Operations Excellence (12 credit hours): offers three tracks?in supply chain management and logistics, service operations and manufacturing operations?designed to give students in-depth expertise in the functional areas of a business related to operations planning and execution.

The certificate programs provide unique options for anyone from UC students looking for a knowledge boost to current professionals in any profession who want to get ahead in a tough job market, change industries or simply deepen their knowledge of cutting-edge, global business trends.

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