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Business Professor Transfers Analytics Skills to Bridge Competition

Submitted: 4/19/2011 9:16:25
  • UC College of Business professor Amit Raturi and his teammates triumph over bridge professionals at the Spring 2011 North American Bridge Championship.

Armed with his quantitative analysis expertise, Amit Raturi, professor of operations and business analytics at the UC College of Business, competed in the Spring 2011 North American Bridge Championship held in March in Louisville, Kentucky. Raturi and his Cincinnati-area teammates were placed in the highest bracket based on experience, alongside teams from a competitive international field.

"In this competition, team matches are played with each pair of a team playing the same cards against the opponents' pair, which factors out luck somewhat because scores are compared across what you did with your cards and what your opponents did with the same cards," Raturi explains. "This is my favorite event because small mistakes in probability of distributions and 'restricted choice' situations can lead to big swings in results."

Raturi's team played eight matches against the other top teams, going 7-1 to win overall and triumphing over seasoned bridge professionals who practice thousands of bidding routines. "I dream of playing against many of the players in this group, so beating them in this event was significant," Raturi says.