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UC Real Estate Program makes top five list of national real estate research institutions, according to recent study

Submitted: 10/4/2010 13:41:35
  • Journal of Real Estate Economics article names the University of Cincinnati the fifth most influential real estate research institution in the nation.

University of Cincinnati's Real Estate Program recently placed an impressive fifth in a ranking of national real estate research universities and organizations. Surpassed only by UC Berkeley, MIT, Ohio State, and Connecticut, the UC Real Estate Center placed ahead of other highly regarded institutions such as Yale, Harvard, Wisconsin, and Cornell.

The article, "Influential Journals, Institutions, and Researchers in Real Estate", will appear in a fall 2006 issue of the Journal of Real Estate Economics. University rankings were based on the quality of research works produced by faculty members and measured by the amount of literary citations that appeared in top real estate journals.

The news comes just as the Real Estate Program boasts its largest number of students ever, topping 200. "Research takes years of consistent effort," noted Norm Miller, former Director of the University of Cincinnati Real Estate Center, "so we are pleased to see that we are well regarded by our academic peers and this study helps to affirm that our hard work pays off."