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UC Economics Center Involves High School Students in the Local Economy

Submitted: 6/11/2010 9:39:41
  • The Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders program offered by the UC Economics Center for Education & Research at the College of Business allows high school students to earn college credit while learning about Cincinnati's economy.

Thirty high school juniors from 19 local schools will learn about Cincinnati's economy through a three-week summer economics program offered by the University of Cincinnati's Economics Center. Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders (June 14th ? July 2nd) aims to educate a cadre of young students to interest and excite them about economics and the Cincinnati community. These students were selected from a large pool of applicants. Each high school junior accepted into the program is a top performer at their school and highly recommended by principals, teachers and counselors.

During the three-week program, high school students become college students as they are enrolled in an undergraduate Economics course (Econ 101). In addition to classroom activities, they will learn about our local economy by touring Cincinnati's businesses. Students will tour Clovernook Center for the Blind, CitiGroup Financial Services, Toyota Manufacturing Plant and Procter & Gamble. The program kicks off with a city bus tour moderated by Dan Hurley and the Regional Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Hurley will give students insight into the foundational beginning of Cincinnati, explaining the history of the city and how we became the city we are today.

The purpose of this summer program is to provide an early college experience while exploring the great opportunities Cincinnati has to offer our future leaders.