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University of Cincinnati Student Pack 1-2 Punch in National SBI Case Competition

Submitted: 2/23/2010 18:15:57
  • University of Cincinnati teams took first place specialized undergraduate and second place specialized graduate in the nation at the National Small Business Institute Case of the Year competition. The awards were announced at the annual SBI conference in Albuquerque, NM Saturday February 20, 2010.

Congratulations to University of Cincinnati undergraduate students and recent grads Daniel Cremons, Gregory Lutz and Megan McElroy, and graduate students Linda Ahting, Jared Aldridge, Carol Prues, LaTisha Salaam, Tapan Shah and Gang Sun who were honored for outstanding achievement in the 2009-10 National Small Business Institute® Case of the Year Competition February 20th 2010, in Albuquerque, NM. Their undergraduate field case projects for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Tom Dalziel; and graduate field case project for Reality Plus Clothing under the direction of Dr. Charles H. Matthews, took first place specialized undergraduate and second place specialized graduate in the nation at the National Small Business Institute® annual conference.

"This is a considerable achievement to have two such outstanding student teams in the same year," noted Dr. Charles H. Matthews, Executive Director, UC Center for Entrepreneurship Education & Research. "It is a triple win for the students, the businesses and organizations, and the community." In the past nine years, UC has now won five 1st Place, two 2nd Place, two 3rd Place, and one Honorable Mention in the national SBI Case of the Year competitions.

In order to qualify for the national level, the UC teams has to first compete in the 2009 Cecil Boatright Business Plan competition sponsored by the Cincinnati Chapter of SCORE in cooperation with the Center for Entrepreneurship Education & Research in the College of Business at UC. For more information on the teams' victories in the Cecil Boatright 25th Anniversary competition please visit

"It was an honor to be with the teams in Albuquerque to receive their awards," commented Dr. Tom Dalziel, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy in the College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. "Their analysis, insights, and recommendations were right on target."

Over 30 cases from across the U.S. vied for the top spots. In addition to the University of Cincinnati, other schools competing included Christopher Newport University, East Carolina University, Seattle University, Plymouth State University, University of North Carolina ? Greensboro, San Diego State University, California State University ? Fullerton, University of Central Florida, University of St. Thomas, Rider University, and Texas Woman's University.

For more information, please contact Dr. Charles H. Matthew at

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