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P&G's Tom Rockwood Shares Success Story with Business Students

Submitted: 12/6/2010 12:54:13
  • North American Supply Chain Program & Logistics expert speaks to operations and industrial management students at the UC College of Business about how the powerful combination of engineering skills and business knowledge led to his career success.



On December 2, 2010, Tom Rockwood of Procter & Gamble visited the College of Business and spoke to Uday Rao's planning and scheduling class about his 30-year career path at P&G. After starting work with P&G on the Luvs diaper team in 1979, Rockwood held a variety of positions at several P&G locations before arriving in Cincinnati. Of particular interest to OM and IM students was his experience in manufacturing, 3PL and distribution, project management and merchandising, as well as his work with Meijer, Giant Eagle, Target and Kroger. Rockwood attributes much of his success to his ability to combine his engineering background with his business knowledge, also stressing to students the importance of integrity, persuasive selling and first impressions.