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UC Economics Center/Winton Woods Partnership Teaches Financial Literacy

Submitted: 8/31/2010 13:57:50
  • Winton Woods School District is now offering college credit from UC for high school students that receive an A or B in their newly redesign Financial Management class. The Economics Center redesigned the course to be rigorous to meet state requirements and facilitated partnership with UC.

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Forest Park ? Beginning this school year, over 100 students at Winton Woods High School will earn credit for their Financial Management class at both Winton Woods and the University of Cincinnati through a new Memorandum of Understanding between the two schools. This agreement was facilitated by the University's Economics Center.

Elaine Sugawara-Forster and the students in her Financial Management class at Winton Woods High School.

"Students who earn an A or B in the class and score 80%% or better on a comprehensive exam will receive two credit hours at UC" said Elaine Sugawara-Forster, Consumer Science Teacher at the school. "That equates to a savings of $560.00." 

Sugawara-Forster said her class helps students understand the concepts and principals involved in managing their personal finances. "We cover topics like setting smart financial goals, understanding banking and banking services, budgeting, investing, keeping your money and identity safe, insurance basics, using credit wisely, dealing with debt, and being consumer savvy," she said.

About a year ago, at the urging of Winton Woods High School Principal Dr. Terri Holden, Sugawara-Forster took a class at UC to redesign her course to meet the UC Economics Center's rigorous model for Personal Finance. "Professor John Morris with the Economics Center looked at our curriculum and final exam and approved Winton Woods to take part in this program," said Sugawara-Forster.

A new requirement by the state of Ohio that high school students must have lessons in economics and financial literacy to graduate went into effect on July 1, 2010 and will affect the graduating class of 2014. The legislation is part of House Bill 311.

Sugawara-Forster said her class is a popular elective offering at Winton Woods High School. "Most of my students have jobs and think about their money and the college expenses they will have, so I work hard to make the course relevant and give them enough information to protect themselves financially."