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Operations Management Scholar Joins Long Line of UC Student Body Leadership

Submitted: 8/9/2010 8:43:06
  • Newly elected Student Body President Drew Smith continues the informal tradition of College of Business students serving in UC's student government.

Drew Smith, a fifth-year operations management major and Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS scholar, has been elected as the 2010-11 University of Cincinnati student body president. He was sworn in by UC President Gregory Williams on May 14, 2010, following the Main Street Stride parade.

Drew Smith
Drew Smith addresses the audience after
being sworn in as student body president.
As student body president, Smith plans to build "stronger connections for a stronger future," partnering with members of the local business community in a way that puts "UC First." Smith's strategy promotes local commitment to keeping strong graduates in Cincinnati, impacting the global community through international companies headquartered in Cincinnati.

Smith is the latest in a long line of College of Business students to serve at the top levels of student government, most recently including Tim Lolli (president, 2009-10), Ryan Rosenweig (president, 2008-09), James Radley (president, 2007-08) and Dominic Berardi (vice-president, 2006-07). More details about UC's student leadership are available on the student government website.

Smith will also be representing the UC College of Business at the 2010 APICS, The Association for Operations Mangement, International Conference & Expo in October. Smith will serve as the Cincinnati APICS representative to the APICS Scholars Education Program.