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UC Students Participate in 2010 Collegiate Real Estate Conference

Submitted: 4/22/2010 7:15:12
  • A group of UC College of Business students recently participated in the 2010 Collegiate Real Estate Conference in Chicago. In addition to attending the conference, students met with local firms to learn more about the finance and real estate sectors.

Students studying real estate at the UC College of Business recently participated in a two-day study trip to Chicago. The trip entailed visits to several prominent real estate companies as well as participation in the 2010 Collegiate Real Estate Conference, hosted by DePaul University.

The student group contained a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students who are members of the real estate society, Alpha Rho Epsilon, as well students taking real estate classes in the College of Business. The visit was led by associate professor of finance and real estate Shaun Bond, who commented, "This field trip provided a great chance for students to gain firsthand knowledge of the real estate investment market and also hear about the vast range of career opportunities available in commercial real estate."

During the trip, students worked through an investment
case study with Matt Latimer, an acquisitions manager with BPG Properties. Students also received a detailed presentation on the industrial real estate market from David Harker of First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc., a real estate investment trust. The group also met with Simon Fairchild and UC alum John Rodrigues of IPD, a global real estate data company, to discuss the history and recent performance of institutional investment in commercial real estate markets.

On their last day in Chicago, the UC students joined with students from Indiana University, University of Illinois, University of Iowa, Purdue, Marquette and DePaul to participate in the 2010 Collegiate Real Estate Conference. This event attracted over 100 real estate students to listen to panel discussions and gain career advice from leading practitioners in areas such as lending, development, brokerage and real estate law. Financial support for the field trip was provided by UC's Center for Real Estate and Tom Powers of the Cincinnati office of Cassidy Turley assisted in planning the program.