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Pi Kappa Alpha Recognizes UC Faculty

Submitted: 10/26/2009 11:00:12
  • Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity recently recognized nine UC faculty members at their annual Faculty Appreciation Dinner.

Cincinnati, OH, October 19, 2008 ?

On Monday, October 12th, nine University of Cincinnati faculty members attended Pi Kappa Alpha's Faculty Appreciation Dinner. This annual event serves to recognize some of the many outstanding professionals employed here at the University of Cincinnati who help guide the student body as they develop as scholars, leaders, and citizens.

The nine professors, advisors, and staff members that were recognized represented a broad spectrum of the disciplines and services offered here at the University of Cincinnati. Among them were College of Business faculty members Sharon McFarland, Ginger Clark and Ric Sweeney. Their commitment to the students over the years have helped mold thousands of graduates, and they continue to work with the same passion now, as when they first started their careers. "It is not often that as students we are able to show our true appreciation towards the faculty that have really touched our lives. This program is a great way for all the members of Pi Kappa Alpha to make our professors and advisors aware that their hard work is what makes UC so special, and every bit of help they offer is sincerely appreciated," Pi Kappa Alpha President Mark Wood commented.

The reception included a sit down dinner, giving those being honored an opportunity to interact with many first year students setting foot on campus for the first time only a few weeks ago. Ric Sweeney, a professor in the College of Business, stated, "Being recognized by the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha is a great honor. This recognition celebrates the importance of faculty/student relations both inside and outside the classroom." Afterwards, the evening concluded with presentation of awards to the guests of honor from the men of Pi Kappa Alpha.