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Imaginatik CEO to Offer Insight on Creativity and Innovation

Submitted: 10/7/2009 8:22:23
  • Collaborative technology expert Mark Turrell will visit the College of Business on October 14 to speak about utilizing the creative power of a workforce to enact change.

Mark Turrell, CEO and co-founder of Imaginatik, a software and services company that specializes in solving problems by utilizing a group's collective brainpower, will discuss innovation and collaborative workforces, or "enterprise crowdsourcing," on Wednesday, October 14, at 3:00 PM in 608 Carl H. Lindner Hall.

Turrell's interest in the use of collaborative technologies was ignited while pursuing his Ph.D. at City University London's top-ranked Cass Business School. He soon co-founded Imaginatik, where he and his team developed many of the fundamental concepts of collaborative innovation and problem solving. Imaginatik has received the Technology Pioneer award from the World Economic Forum and is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.
Turrell now advises major international firms, including Imaginatik clients Chevron, Pfizer, Whirlpool and Xerox, on the use of collaborative innovation to solve large-scale problems.

Determined to create change on a global scale, Turrell also leads Imaginatik's initiative to join with nonprofit and non-governmental organizations to address world problems involving water, energy, poverty and waste.

Turrell's October 14 talk will address how companies can utilize "the brainpower of the many" to spur innovation within and across organizations. This event is free and open to the public.