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International Business Students Compete in Fast-Paced Global Innovation Tournament

Submitted: 11/9/2009 16:16:04
  • UC students have approximately nine days to create a solution that makes the act of saving money fun.

International Business majors and University Honors students represent the University of Cincinnati during Global Entrepreneurship Week as they participate in the 2009 Global Innovation Tournament sponsored by Stanford University. Professor Ratee Apana of the College of Business has integrated the tournament into her classes with creative and brainstorming techniques intended to prepare students for the competition.

The Global Innovation Tournament is a fast-paced competition that challenges student teams to solve a mystery problem in approximately nine days. The mystery problem ? "Make saving money fun!" ? was revealed on November 4 and submissions of results are due on November 13, when teams present their results in a short video uploaded to YouTube. The teams construct products, services or experiences designed to create value and lessen the financial burden experienced by individuals during the economic recession.

Global winners are featured online on the Global Entrepreneurship Week website and receive a certificate of recognition from Stanford.