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Dr. Kellaris is Keynote Speaker at Signage Research Conference at UC

Submitted: 7/22/2009 11:01:53
  • To provide a venue for discussion of on-premise signage issues and concerns, the
    Signage Foundation, Inc. (SFI) is sponsoring the National Signage Research and Education Conference (NSREC), October 13-15, at the University of Cincinnati in collaboration with the UC Colleges of Business and Design, Architecture, Art and Planning.

The conference is designed for planners, governmental regulators, appraisers, marketing/branding specialists, sign makers and their suppliers, businesses that use signage, and those students and faculty who study signage and its impact on the business, social and visual environments.

Peer-reviewed research concerning on-premise signage will be presented with numerous opportunities to interact with researchers on specific topics and their implications. All discussions will be conducted in positive, non-confrontational and research-driven dialogue. Formal breakout sessions and ample time in the program for informal networking will be available.

The UC is uniquely qualified to participate in these discussions because of the recent establishment of the James S. Womack/Gemini Chair of Signage and Visual Communications and the Terence M. Fruth/Gemini Chair of Signage Design and Community Planning.

Highlights of the conference include:

  • Keynote address by Dr. James Kellaris, Womack/Gemini Chair of Signage and Visual Communication, UC, "Signage as Marketing Communications"
  • Alan Weinstein, director, Law and Public Policy Program, Cleveland State University; David Hartt, president, DB Hartt, Inc., "A Framework for On ?Premise Sign Regulations"
  • Menelaos Triantafillou, associate professor, UC School of Planning, and School of Planning students, "Studio Project with Anderson Township Integrating Key Elements of the Model Sign Code"
  • Brian Linzie, 3M Commercial Graphics Center, "Emerging Trends in Signage Technology"
  • Joan Christodoulou, former graduate student, UC School of Planning, "Review of Signage Literature with Annotated Bibliography"

There will, in addition, be sessions concerning "Integrating Signage, Design Architecture, Marketing and Branding," "How Signage Defines Community," and "How the Obama Administration's Platform Affects Small Business and Economic Development."
Participants will receive all conference materials in a single bound document for ease of reference.

The Signage Foundation, Inc. was established in 2002 as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling the educational, research and philanthropic purposes of on-premise signage.

Early registration for the conference is $225. Accommodations are at the Kingsgate Marriott located adjacent to the UC campus. To register, arrange for housing or for the complete NSREC agenda, visit the conference website at: