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Fox19: UC's George Vredeveld Shares Insight on Employment Paradox (video)

Submitted: 12/1/2009 19:23:01
  • George Vredeveld, director of UC's Economics Center for Education and Research, comments on why companies are having trouble finding seasonal workers even though unemployment rates are at record high numbers.

Dr. George Vredeveld is the Director of the Economic Center for Education Research at the University of Cincinnati. Vredeveld said temporary positions aren't a full-time fix. He added that many job seekers may feel their time is better spent looking for work rather than actually working.

"It could be that these people are making a very rational, analytical decision that it's not in their best interest to do that," Vredeveld said. "Their time is better spent looking at the long run. The job seeker probably has in mind the type of job she wants. The type of job she's really looking for and that seasonal job might not fit those long term plans."

Vredeveld added that unemployment benefits may also be an issue.

"It could provide an incentive for people not to work," Vredeveld said. "Because they've got these unemployment benefits coming in or so maybe it's not as necessary for them to find a job.