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UC Marketing Professor Honored with Best Paper Award

Submitted: 8/24/2009 12:22:51
  • Dr. David J. Curry, professor of marketing UC College of Business, and former UC PhD student Dr. Robert Carter were honored for their research by the American Marketing Association.

Best Paper Award

Coauthors Dr. David J. Curry, professor of marketing UC College of Business, and Dr. Robert Carter, assistant professor of marketing University of Louisville, were honored at the American Marketing Association Educator's Conference in Chicago, August 8-11, 2009. Their paper titled "Using a Dynamic Discrete Choice Model to Estimate Tuition Elasticity," won the Best Paper Award for the Marketing Research and Technology Track. Their work presents a novel method for measuring and understanding how college students and their families react to proposed changes in a university's tuition level.

Professors Curry and Carter use a modern data collection technique called a discrete-choice experiment to do this. Their unique contribution is an algorithm ? which they refer to as a rules engine ? which customizes data collection on-the-fly. The rules engine can customize student and the student's relevant characteristics, such as home state, considered schools, college, year status and others. Results accomplish two goals not feasible with traditional methods: (1) to more accurately reflect a student's true consideration set of schools and (2) to reflect the broader competitive landscape as assessed by college administrators at the focal school. Curry and Carter's unique web-based computer algorithm has important implications for discrete-choice research beyond the application to university tuition levels.