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Making the Most of a Downturn

Source:BusinessWeek Online
Link Submitted: 11/22/2002 20:21:26

College of Business Professor Charles H. Matthews, PhD, Dept. of Management and Director of the UC Center for Entrepreneurship Education & Research, is featured in BusinessWeek Online commenting on coping with the down economy "Making the Most of Downturn" by Karen E. Klein. "Despair isn't an option. So says the University of Cincinnati's Charles H. Matthews, who advocates preparing for the better days to come. When the economy slows, many small-business people think about scaling down -- hibernating with the bears on Wall Street, or closing their companies entirely and heading back to corporate employment. However, when orders slow and cancellations flow in, a strong case can be made for doing just the opposite: Thinking about ways to prepare for growth when the pendulum starts to swing in the other direction.