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Buddy program


You are invited to be a “buddy” to a visiting international student. The buddy system is one of the most important parts of our program with partner universities: their students look forward to having someone they can count on for information, they feel supported, and they have an instant friend.

Brian Macke has been matched with more than one exchange student through the buddy program. This is what he had to say about the experience:

The International Buddy program was one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences that I had during my time as an undergrad at UC. I had several buddies over the years and always became good friends with them. I took my buddies around town, showed them the fun places to eat, shop, and hang out, and even took them on trips to places like Lake Michigan and the Detroit Auto Show. I have also taken 3 separate trips back to France over the past 2 years to visit some of my old buddies, where they returned the favor by taking me around their cities and showing me how great a home-cooked French meal can be! I actually just returned from a trip to Toulouse where I even got to experience a traditional French wedding at my friend's castle! The program has truly been an amazing experience for me because it has allowed me to learn a great deal about other cultures and it has given me great friends and professional contacts all over the world.

-Brian Macke, CoB 2008, Honors-Plus

Brittany Brickweg, UC, and Sarah Plourde, Montreal, Canada, were matched fall quarter 2005. This is what they had to say about the buddy experience:

buddy 2

I met Brittany Brickweg through the LCB buddy program and it truly made a difference in my experience at UC. Brittany has been highly involved in my experience of learning the American culture. She had the ability and capacity of making me feel comfortable for asking any silly question about American culture and working behavior. We met at least once a week just because we enjoyed each other's company. From my perspective, Brittany's work experience in management was inspiring to me and I could feel that my marketing experience was inspiring to her too. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting , we had an amazing connection. She's no longer a buddy... She's become an amazing friend that I will see again within the next years. I promised!
--Sarah Plourde (UC exchange Student from UQAM, Montreal, Canada) Dec. 2005

Participating in the buddy program was a very rewarding experience.  It was fun to show Sarah the American culture (especially having her join my family for her first Thanksgiving) and also help her practice her English.  The best part of the buddy program was the friendship that developed and like Sarah stated the inspiration she provided me.  Learning of all her traveling experiences and the risks she took was very motivating.  I look forward to Sarah showing me some of her culture.
--Brittany Brickweg, UC CoB Dec. 2005

Since 1993, the Lindner College of Business has welcomed fall and spring quarters a group of students from a prominent French business school, Audencia Nantes Ecole de Management.  You may have met some of these students in your classes. The students have junior standing, and take 3 business classes and one elective during the quarter of their stay. They live in dorms while they are here, and are very eager to meet American students because they want to improve their English and learn about American life. We have since expanded our partner institutions to include exchange students from Austria, Belgium, Chile, South Korea and Mexico. These students come for a longer period of time and usually live off-campus.

Being a buddy is simple and fun! It means you are willing to show the student around campus, help with any questions about textbook purchases, grocery shopping, sports, the malls, etc. In turn, you can learn a lot about the student's home country from this interaction. Even if you don't have a lot of time, you can still be involved.

As a buddy, you are invited to attend various social events with the exchange students: these may include a reception with the Faculty, a trip to King's Island, a Reds game or a hockey game, and a farewell luncheon hosted by the College of Business.

If you are interested in being a buddy, contact Gwen Roemer at