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Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Immigration Information

Once admitted to the College of Business international exchange program, students are issued an official welcome packet in the mail by UC International Services, the office in charge of all incoming international students to UC. Documents contained in the packet include:

Form DS-2019, which is used to apply for a U.S. visa to enter the U.S. in the J-1 as an exchange visitor.

Letter of congratulations from UC

UC International Services Handbook 

Medical Form

For additional information for all incoming international students to UC, please visit the UC International Services website:  

Check-in and Orientation

College of Business international exchange students are required to check in with UC International Services prior to the beginning of their academic program, as required by the United States Department of Homeland Security. In order to comply with this requirement, orientation is held the week prior or just before the beginning of each quarter.

A welcome reception is also held the week after the beginning of each quarter.

Detailed information regarding the reception will be provided at orientation.

College of Business exchange students are strongly advised to take these dates into account when making travel plans in order to have adequate time to participate in required meetings.

Tuition and Fees

Some Lindner College of Business international exchange students do not pay UC tuition depending on the agreement between our universities.  However, all exchange students are responsible for other costs:

Housing, transportation and other living expenses

Books and other supplies

UC Student Health Insurance

Fees are due the first week of classes. UC accepts American Express, Mastercard and Discover.  For more information on how to pay your bill, please see:  UC does not accept Visa.

For more information on money and banking in the U.S., please see:

Course Selection and Registration

Undergraduate College of Business exchange students are admitted based on the agreements with partner universities abroad. Business students may take upper level electives in their chosen discipline.

For UC course descriptions and offerings, please go to Onestop, an online Student Services Center. 

After researching the course offerings, exchange students will register for classes online using Onestop. 

Health Insurance

For more details regarding Student Health Insurance and how to waive the requirement, please see:


On Campus

In order to maximize your experience at UC, it is recommended that exchange students live on campus.

Housing and Food Services has additional information regarding room rates, residence halls, and other housing policies at  If you are interested in living on-campus, you can apply online:

Off Campus

Off campus housing is also an option for exchange students. Students who wish to live off campus are responsible for securing their own housing. Safety and accessibility to UC campus should be considered when evaluation off-campus accommodations.

If you decide to live off-campus here are a few tips:

Most apartments in the US are not furnished.  If you find an apartment somewhere please verify that it is furnished.

You should not sign any lease or sub-lease agreements before you arrive.

If you choose to live off-campus the International Programs Office cannot help if there are issues that arise with roommates, money etc.

You should be sure that the apartment is within walking distance to the campus and is in a safe area. 

Read more about off-campus housing here

Please consult our office regarding specific off-campus housing questions.


Students who live on and off campus are eligible to enroll in a UC meal plan. UC Food Services offers a variety of meal plans. More detailed information can be found at Food Services:

Please send inquiries to:

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Associate Director, International Programs
College of Business
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