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MS-Business Analytics Prerequisite Requirements

Mathematics Program Prerequisites

To ensure adequate preparation for the program, students must have completed the following requirements before entering the program:

  • Three semesters of calculus including multivariate calculus.   To satisfy this requirement a student must have taken the undergraduate calculus courses typically taken by undergraduate majors in engineering, mathematics, or the physical sciences.  These courses are not the applied courses typically taken by business or social science majors.  Topics of coverage should include: functions; limits and continuity; derivatives; applications of the derivative; the integral and applications; exponential and logarithmic functions; inverse functions; techniques of integration; polar coordinates; conic sections; Taylor's formula; improper integrals; sequences and series; vectors; lines; planes; vector-valued functions; partial derivatives; multiple integrals; calculus of vector fields. At UC, the appropriate courses are:

    MATH 1061 (4 semester credits), Calculus I
    MATH 1062 (4 semester credits), Calculus II
    MATH 2063 (4 semester credits), Multivariable Calculus

  • Linear algebra or matrix methods. Topics should include: systems of linear equations; matrices; vector spaces; bases and dimension; orthogonality; linear transformations; determinants; eigenvalues and eigenvectors; diagonalization.  At UC, the appropriate course is:

    MATH 2076 (3 semester credits) Linear Algebra

  • A fundamental knowledge of computing.  This includes facility in a procedural programming language like Ruby, Python, C, C++, Matlab, Java, Visual Basic, Pascal, or FORTRAN.  It is also assume that a student is already comfortable with spreadsheets, word processing, e-mail, web browsers, etc.

To meet the above requirements, the student must have taken these courses for a grade (no pass/fail grades are permitted) at a university and official transcripts must be provided.

Basic Business Knowledge (BBK) Program Prerequisites

A student must have taken a course in at least four of these seven areas:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Management

These courses may be taken at any time, either before or after admission, and before or after beginning the program.  The Academic Director will examine prior transcripts and determine what additional course work is required to meet this prerequisite.  Unlike the mathematics prerequisites, these courses may be taken at any time but must be taken prior to graduation.